Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I stink at this blogging stuff...and other updates

Hi there! How was your Thanksgiving? I have been so busy with craft show preparations, holiday cooking and traveling that I have neglected the blog for the past couple of weeks. I figured I better check in so that anyone stopping by doesn't think I left town!

I'll update you on a few things:

1. The Annual Sauquoit Valley Fine Arts and Crafts Festival was a success! I partnered with my friend Amber, who handmakes wool products. Her dryer balls sold out quickly both days! Some of my most popular items were my sugar scrub/salt soak sets, beeswax lotion bars and avocado salve.

I don't think these pictures really do it justice, but our setup looked really nice!

2. My sister and her husband came to visit over Veteran's Day. Emily has a top-of-the-line camera (and actually knows how to use it!). She helped me take some great product photos.


I used many of her photos to update my Etsy listings. If you haven't been to my Etsy page lately, please stop by.  I am getting a lot more traffic now that I have some professional looking photos!

I have been hesitant to blow up Facebook with a million posts promoting my products and Etsy pages. People are so inundated with advertising, that I fear my messages will get lost in the shuffle. If you are looking for natural, handmade products for you friends and family, please consider an essential8 product. Everything is handmade one batch at a time.

Until next time....happy shopping!



Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall Back and Get Busy!

It seems that most people enjoy the end of Daylight Savings Time for the extra hour of sleep. Most people, of course, being those WITHOUT small children. Small children certainly do not understand the concept of an extra hour of sleep. I suppose it didn't matter anyway, because my eyes flung open at 6:45 on the dot.

Since I am in the thick of holiday craft show season, I figured, "Why not use this extra hour for something productive?" I know, I know... I'm such an overachiever! Ha!  Seriously though, my husband took my daughter to a local production of "The Little Mermaid" (her absolute favorite), and my son settled in for his three-hour nap. There was no way I was going to let that precious 90 minutes of quite time go to waste!

I used my time wisely and made a couple of really great products. I know they are great because I have been sampling them myself all evening!  I am trying to focus on making very "giftable" items for my holiday show, and this one is a winner!

Peppermint Lip Scrub and Balm Sets

I started with my favorite vegan-friendly lip balm, which includes cocoa butter, candelila wax, castor oil, vitamin E and peppermint essential oil. I use candelila wax because it is an extremely hard wax-even more so than beeswax. This allows me to use less wax and more of the good stuff. The lip balm alone smells awesome.... but wait!
The scrub comes next! For the scrub, I used USDA certified organic virgin coconut oil (AMAZING!), USDA certified organic sugar, local NY honey, vitamin E and peppermint essential oil. Holy cow this stuff is good!  The coconut oil smells like the beach. Add the peppermint oil in, and it's like your drinking a peppermint pina colada. :) I kept trying the scrub on various body parts (lips, hands, elbows) because I just couldn't get enough of the gentle moisturizing effects. It leaves your skin so soft.
This little set would make a GREAT gift for the holidays or otherwise! I will be listing the Scrub/Balm set on Etsy tomorrow for only $6.50. I only have a limited number of sets (a dozen) to test. If you'd like to order, please visit my Etsy shop or email me directly.